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Private Music Lessons

By Gemma Briggs 

Start your musical journey today! 

Learn to play the bagpipes or hone your skills! 

Advanced bagpipe instruction

Intermediate Guitar, Piano, Irish Whistle, and Elec. Bass

So you want to learn the bagpipes?

Gemma Briggs bagpipe instructor teaching children music lessons on how to play the bagpipes

1. Purchase a practice chanter and reed (paid link)

2. Purchase a method book (paid link)

3. Schedule a lesson with me on Calendly 

Students start out for the first couple months on the practice chanter to learn finger positions, so no need to invest in bagpipes just yet. 
You are welcome to try my instruments during our lessons to get a feel for what you're working twoards. I can also advise you on purchasing an instrument.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!
My current teaching hours are Sunday1PM-5PM and Monday 10AM-7PM I will have trouble accommodating you regularly outside of these times. 

Lesson FAQ

Gemma Briggs and a young music student that she is teaching bagpipe lessons

What is good age to begin the bagpipes?
I have taught students age 8-75, and as long as your child can hold a child size chanter, they are ready to start. Younger than 8 will take at-home family support but is certainly possible! 
Older learners often progress quickly because they possess the discipline to practice often.

How long does it take on the chanter before I move onto the full set of bagpipes?
This all depends on the time that you put into practice and is different for everyone. Realistically it takes 6 months-2 years for a learner to progress from chanter to a full set of bagpipes with all 3 drones. There is a learning curve at the start, but if bagpipes were easy to learn they wouldn't be nearly as impressive. 

Music students trying out playing the bagpipes, instructed by Gemma briggs

What other instruments do you teach
I teach guitar, piano, electric bass, and Irish whistle up to an intermediate level. For students too young to physically play the bagpipes, I recommend beginning on piano or guitar. My first instrument was Piano, beginning at age 7.  

Is there any advice you have for beginners?
Perservance is the only skill you need to learn the bagpipes. Everything else comes down to practice and anyone can do that. 
There is a famous proverb in piping- 
"It takes a piper 7 years to learn, 7 to play, and 7 to master. "
Bagpipes truly are a lifelong instrument, with always more to improve upon. I myself am always learning and pride myself in doing so. The bagpiping community has so much to offer between bands, competitions, and performances that keep the rich cultural history of the instrument alive. It's so much more than just a sound, it's history and a way of life. 
Don't get bogged down in the mundanity of practice, take a break and come back tomorrow. 

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