I started playing the bagpipes at the young age of 11 in Dunedin, FL because my school offered free lessons. I was instantly hooked! My first few years were spent honking away, but I excelled quickly and began competing as a soloist and with bands. In high school, I played for Tampa Bay Pipe Band and continued to hone my piping skills learning from Scottish and Canadian bagpiping masters. 

A bagpipe scholarship took me to the College of Wooster, a liberal arts school near Cleveland, OH with a strong Scottish connection. I played countless concerts, publicity events, recruitment dinners, sports games, and private gigs as a representative of the college, gaining experience as a professional musician while I earned my Neuroscience degree. I had the honor of leading the band as the College of Wooster Pipe Major during my senior year, and was selected as one of only 20 pipers to compete in the Balmoral Classic US Junior Solo Bagpiping Championships. I am now a Grade 2 player, with a goal of becoming Open Professional within the next few years. I also play the piano, guitar, electric bass, sing, and compose my own music.  

 Today, I have played hundreds of gigs and I love to share the art of bagpiping with the world.  I look forward to bringing my musical passion to your event.    


Yours in piping,

Gemma Briggs 

I'm not just a piper...

I'm a lifelong musician 

 I play the Bagpipes, Piano, Guitar, Electric Bass, Sing, and write my own music!



I play Bass and Keyboard in a Celtic Fusion band called North of Argyll

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I am also currently recording my first solo album 


To set up a gig, please contact me at (727) 400-8585 or GBbagpiping@gmail.com for a free consultation